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Aaron Sachs

Customer Success Engineer, Sensu

Aaron Sachs has been working with Linux and open source technologies for the last five years. His journey has taken him from Tennessee, to Texas and many places in between. He’s currently a Customer Success Engineer at Sensu, Inc., where he helps customers get the most out of monitoring their applications and infrastructure.

Talk Title: Where's My Beer: Building a Better Kegerator with a Raspberry Pi & Sensu

As a home brewer, I’ve often found myself unfortunately surprised when I reach the end of a keg. My talk will cover how I changed that using a Raspberry Pi and Sensu Core to monitor my kegerator and kegs, and show how to make a “smart” kegerator of your own.

As a home brewer, Sensu Customer Success Engineer Aaron Sachs has often found himself unfortunately surprised when he reaches the end of a k...

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