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Christopher J. Caillouet

Senior DevOps Production Engineer, Industrial, Light & Magic

Coming from a background in linux, web hosting, large scale infrastructure, and cloud computing, Chris enjoys working amid technological transformations. Coupling his passion for modern tools, architecture and methodologies, he has recently been enjoying the opportunity to contribute to a company that built his dreams. Chris is the senior member of the ILM DevOps initiatives helping evolve the VFX juggernaut, responsible for creating his favorite films, on its continuing mission to make the impossible come to life. From PXE to pixel, Chris is part of the group ensuring the complex process of making movie magic is equipped with the tools of today to deliver a vision of tomorrow.

Talk Title: Monitoring in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sensu has become a critical component to keeping our modern visual effects studio of Industrial, Light & Magic in the business of creating the beautiful movies of our world and realizing the dreams we all enjoy on the big screen.

This talk will look behind the curtain and see how the intelligence and uptime we gain by leveraging Sensu in the ILM monitoring infrastructure enables reliability and stable delivery within a large scale and geographically distributed set of datacenters.

Christopher J. Caillouet shares how Sensu has become a critical component to keeping the modern visual effects studio of Industrial Light & ...

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