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Eric Heydrick

DevOps Engineer, DefenseStorm

David is a Principal Engineer for the Observability group at Workday. For the last 5 years, he has been focusing on helping building a monitoring infrastructure designed support the ever growing and diversifying Workday ecosystem.

Talk Title: How to Cut Through the White Noise and Improve Reaction Time to Real Problems

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why alert fatigue is dangerous
  • How we can solve it
  • Sensu core components
    • Filters
    • Round robin subscriptions
    • Check dependencies
    • Check hooks (not strictly alert fatigue but auto triage can really help in general)
  • Sensu community components
    • auto remediation: use the handler not hooks
  • External tools for on call management and paging (such as pagerduty)
  • General tuning
  • Reduction in noise in alerting (as opposed to monitoring)

DefenseStorm's Eric Heydrick covers how Sensu Plugins community project has evolved throughout the years, how plugins benefits Sensu users, ...

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