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Greg Poirier

SVP of Engineering, Sensu

Greg Poirier is the SVP of Engineering at Sensu, Inc., where he leads the team building a scalable monitoring product for modern infrastructure. Previously, he was a systems engineer at Stripe, Oracle, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Earthlink. He has a background in monitoring, systems, and infosec and holds a BS in Computer Science from Auburn University.

Talk Title: Testing and Performance Analysis for Sensu-go

The Sensu Plugin architecture is what make Sensu the rich and extensible monitoring framework that it is. Sensu 2.0 provided us with an exciting opportunity to reimagine the user and developer experience for plugins. Sensu 2.0 assets give us a new kind of flexibility that removes our dependency on system packages and gives us a mechanism for uniformly packaging and shipping plugins to Sensu installations.

In this talk, Greg Poirier, SVP of Engineering, will walk you through assets in Sensu 2.0, our ideas about how assets may impact the community plugins, and what we have planned for Sensu Enterprise integrations as assets.

In this talk from Sensu Summit 2018, Greg Poirier walks you through assets in Sensu 2.0, our ideas about how assets may impact the community...

A story of how Sensu will evolve in its next iteration. It includes exploring a long history of loving Sensu, how it can and will evolve wit...

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