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Lee Briggs

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Apptio

Lee Briggs is Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Apptio. With almost 10 years experience designing, building and maintaining distributed and complex systems, he wears the scars of many monitoring systems and deployment tools.

When he’s not trying to put monolithic applications in containers, he enjoys playing and watching soccer and walks with family and dog, Toby

Talk Title: Sensu and Kubernetes 1.x

Sensu is undergoing rapid changes with the 2.x release, but in the meantime, how is it possible to monitor Kubernetes components and applications using the classic sensu components?

In this talk, I’ll cover some of the tricks you can use when monitoring Kubernetes resources and cluster components. We’ll cover the kind of things you should and shouldnt monitor with sensu at this stage, as well as some of the lessons learned along the way

In this Sensu Summit 2018 talk, Lee Briggs, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Apptio, discusses how to monitor Kubernetes components and app...

One of the most useful features of sensu is the client socket, which allows you to pipe events into sensu on an ad-hoc basis. This talk will...

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