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Brian Gann

Senior Engineer at Grafana Labs

Brian is an avid programmer and sysadmin with a background in large-scale critical operations at a variety companies like SpaceX, General Electric, and Microsoft.

He works remotely from New Orleans, LA as a Site Reliability Engineer for GrafanaLabs where automation, monitoring, and open source all come together.

He has authored and contributed many Grafana panels and datasource plugins to both make his job easier and to give back to the community. He is currently working on a new Sensu App for Grafana and more plugins!
Brian holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology.

Talk Title: Integrating Sensu With Grafana and Loki

This tutorial will cover using Grafana to display events and device state from multiple Sensu servers. The tutorial will also demonstrate how to use Loki for Sensu Server and Agent log aggregation. A preview of a Sensu Go datasource for Grafana will also be included as part of the updated Sensu App.