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Garrett Honeycutt

Principal at Tailored Automation

Garrett Honeycutt, Principal at Tailored Automation, has been working with open source software and spreading its merits for over twenty years. He helps companies automate all aspects of their software development life cycle and is passionate about teaching others. Regularly sharing his experiences, he has had the opportunity to speak at conferences across the globe and now organizes DevOpsDays Indianapolis. Tailored Automation is a Sensu partner and supports the Sensu Puppet modules.

Talk Title: Sensu and Puppet

Share where we are with the Puppet module for managing Sensu. Discuss the changes to the module and how users can migrate from Sensu Classic to Sensu Go. Show off all the testing surrounding the Puppet module and how we were able to uncover issues and contribute back to the Sensu-go project during the GA release and how that continues.

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In this talk from Sensu Summit 2018, Garrett Honeycutt showcases the Puppet module: its current state; support for Sensu 2.0; highlight comm...

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