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James Burns

Developer Advocate at Lightstep

From network load balancers to FPGAs to ASICs to embedded security to cloud ops at scale, James has seen how systems work but, more interestingly, how they fail. He is passionate about sharing what he’s learned to level up teams, make developers happier, and improve customer experiences. He believes that “if it ain’t broke, break it so you know how to fix it,” should be the motto of developers, devops, and SRE everywhere.

Talk Title: Seniority By Chaos: The Changing Role of the Senior Engineer

“Myth: Senior Engineering is a journey from many mistakes to no mistakes.
Fact: Years do not make the senior engineer, experience does.
Practicing Chaos accelerates learning, providing “”senior level”” skills in months. So what is the new role of the senior engineer? Come to this talk to find out.”