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Molly Duggan

Site Reliability Engineer at Harvard University FAS Research Computing

Molly Duggan is a Site Reliability Engineer. She’s worked everywhere from small start-ups to companies with hundreds of engineers, and is now a part of Harvard University’s FAS Research Computing department, learning the high performance computing craft. She began her career as a software engineer, but has always had a systems and operations focus, making DevOps/SRE a natural fit. Her professional passion is taking the pain out of deployments and operations through a combination of automation, monitoring, and best practices that actually work for humans.

Talk Title: Order from Chaos: Automating Monitoring Configuration

In a high performance computing shop with over 3,000 nodes, we can’t afford chaos around our monitoring checks! Come hear about how we’re using CI/CD pipelines and the Sensu Go API to ensure that all changes to our monitoring system are validated, reproducible, and version controlled.