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Nikki Attea

Software Engineer at Sensu

Nikki Attea was an All-American college volleyball player and computer science research assistant. She started her career at tech giant Apple working on QA automation for the iOS and watchOS Performance teams. Seeking newer challenges in development, she entered the startup world as a Software Dev. Engineer at Sensu, Inc. where she has contributed to the Sensu Go product, improved DevOps infrastructure, and implemented new QA processes to aid in all around release efforts. Nikki is a work from home dog mom who plays beach volleyball in Hermosa when she’s not stuck behind a computer debugging complex distributed systems problems.

Talk Title: Testing and monitoring and broken things

There’s an old wives tale (referred to as the “Evolution of QA to GA: The Sensu Go Crucible”) that tells the story of how we redefined release engineering and quality assurance at Sensu. Failure after failure, we would gut through a far from perfect release strategy which involved hours of painstaking manual testing, in order to stamp a green checkmark of approval to ship our product. To optimize this process, we implemented a full automated test infrastructure for staging and end to end testing, which later became known as the QA Crucible 🔥. This automation pattern was (and still is) great, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a well known and loved product which could decipher JSON test results and instrument them in an event pipeline. I believe Sensu can encompass monitoring _and_ testing in a CI/CD pipeline, and I’d like to show everyone how.