Monitoring with Sensu provides total visibility into your infrastructure

Past Sensu Summit talks

Sensu as a multi-cloud monitoring control plane

In this talk, Sensu CEO Caleb Hailey will explore how Sensu provides a "monitoring control plane" that is analogous to the Kubernetes control plane, and how Sensu can empower organizations by delivering consistent monitoring workflows in multi-cloud environments.

Sensu Go: Then, now, and the future – product deep dive

In this talk, VP of Product Anna Plotkin will cover the product evolution of Sensu Go. Starting with the original goals of “Sensu 2.x,” insight on the journey to GA and Sensu’s initial stable release will set the stage for the innovative growth in 2019. Anna will also cover what our most exciting developments have been this year and look to how they're building the foundation for the future into 2020 and beyond.

Scaling Sensu Go

For over eight years, our community has been using Sensu to monitor their applications and infrastructure at scale. Sensu Go became generally available at the beginning of this year, and was designed to be more portable, easier and faster to deploy, and most importantly: more scalable than ever before! In this talk, Sensu CTO Sean Porter will share Sensu Go scaling patterns, best practices, and case studies. He’ll also explain our design and architectural choices and talk about our plan to take things even further.

Measuring the Right Things

We’ve moved from waking someone up if a disk passed some arbitrary threshold to only paging off-hours when the business is impacted. Our lives have improved immensely because we learned how to measure the right things. Let’s take some of the lessons we’ve learned from monitoring and alerting and see if we can apply them to how we measure the humans in our systems. From who we see and don’t see as leaders to which candidates we think have the potential to be excellent contributors, let’s look at how we’ve been measuring humans and see if we are evaluating the right things.

Failure as Success: The mindset, the methods, and the landmines at Sensu Summit 2018

J. Paul Reed of Release Engineering Approaches talks about the mindset of shipping software quickly and easily at Sensu Summit 2018.

Sensu 1.x and Kubernetes at Sensu Summit 2018

In this Sensu Summit 2018 talk, Lee Briggs, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Apptio, discusses how to monitor Kubernetes components and applications using the classic sensu components. He covers some of the tricks you can use when monitoring Kubernetes resources and cluster components. We’ll cover the kind of things you should and shouldn't monitor with sensu at this stage, as well as some of the lessons learned along the way.

Sensu and Puppet at Sensu Summit 2018

In this talk from Sensu Summit 2018, Garrett Honeycutt showcases the Puppet module: its current state; support for Sensu 2.0; highlight community contributions and how you can contribute. You’ll see the Vagrant setup and how even if you don’t use Puppet, you can easily get Sensu up and running on a bunch of different platforms.

The Nagios Success Story with Trent Baker at Sensu Summit 2018

Trent Baker talks about the process his team took while migrating 350K objects off of Nagios using Sensu at

Paul Czarkowski at Sensu Summit 2018: DevOps is dead and servers are dying

In this Sensu Summit 2018 lightning talk, Paul Czarkowski of Pivotal talks about the death of DevOps and servers (plus a brief history of terms and their evolution).

Sharing Sensu with multiple teams using Ansible at Sensu Summit 2018

In this talk David Schroeder, Software Engineer at Viasat, describes how Ansible is used to configure and deploy Sensu for multiple teams, how much autonomy is granted each one, and where the bottlenecks are.

Alert Fatigue: Avoidance and Course Correction at Sensu Summit 2018

In this talk from Doximity's Ben Abrams, you'll learn why alert fatigue is dangerous and how we can solve for it (using Sensu features like check hooks, round robin subscriptions, auto remediation, and more).

Reimagining Sensu with Caleb Hailey at Sensu Summit 2018

In this closing talk from Sensu Summit 2018, CEO Caleb Hailey discusses the evolution of Sensu's messaging and how envisioning monitoring as a workflow helps empower our customers.

Pull, don’t push: Architectures for monitoring & config in a microservices era at Sensu Summit 2018

Chef's Julian Dunn & Fletcher Nichol give you a primer about promise theory and the autonomous actor model that underlies the design of products like Sensu and Habitat, why it leads to not only higher overall system reliability but human comprehension for easier operations.

Assets in Sensu 2.0 at Sensu Summit 2018

In this talk from Sensu Summit 2018, Greg Poirier walks you through assets in Sensu 2.0, our ideas about how assets may impact the community plugins, and what we have planned for Sensu Enterprise integrations as assets.

Clientless Monitoring with Sensu at Sensu Summit 2018

Chris Chandler, Principal Engineer at T-Mobile, discusses times where deploying the client is either sub-optimal (e.g., a box you don’t control) or impossible (e.g., appliances, 3rd party services), and how he tackled these challenges serverless-style.

Where’s My Beer: Building a Better Kegerator with a Raspberry Pi & Sensu at Sensu Summit 2018

As a home brewer, Sensu Customer Success Engineer Aaron Sachs has often found himself unfortunately surprised when he reaches the end of a keg. In this talk, he covers how he changed that using a Raspberry Pi and Sensu Core.

Project 3M: Meaningful Monitoring and Messaging at Sensu Summit 2018

Christopher J. Caillouet shares how Sensu has become a critical component to keeping the modern visual effects studio of Industrial Light & Magic in the business of creating the beautiful movies of our world and realizing the dreams we all enjoy on the big screen.

Herding Cats & Catching Fire with David Beaurpere at Sensu Summit 2018

In this talk from Sensu Summit 2018, David Beaurpere, Principal Software Engineer for the Observability Group at Workday Ltd, discusses how Sensu 1.x evolved from a Nagios replacement to the backbone monitoring data collection and transport at Workday.

Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower, Sean Porter, and Caleb Hailey at Sensu Summit 2018

This session from Sensu Summit 2018 features Kubernetes master Kelsey Hightower, Sensu CTO Sean Porter and Sensu CEO Caleb Hailey talk about the current state of monitoring in today's IT environments.

7 Years of Sensu: Then, Now, and Soon with Sean Porter at Sensu Summit 2018

In this Sensu Summit 2018 talk. CTO Sean Porter shares Sensu's beliefs as a company and community, how far we’ve come in the past year, the problems we face together, what we’re doing next to solve for them.

Sensu 2.0 Deep Dive at Sensu Summit 2017

A story of how Sensu will evolve in its next iteration. It includes exploring a long history of loving Sensu, how it can and will evolve with the industry, why the Go programming language is a natural fit for our next version and about the human side of software design.

The Future of Sensu at Sensu Summit 2017

The Sensu origin story was born out of an operational view of a world where infrastructure and software delivery were shifting towards automation and public cloud. In this talk Sean will explain how a very similar trend is happening now, and what this means for the future of the Sensu project (and the monitoring industry).

A Story of Community Contribution at Sensu Summit 2017

After years of being a Sensu user, Ben Abrams started to contribute back. Since then he's become one of the maintainers of Sensu Plugins and Extensions. This talk will demystify the role of maintainers and also talk to all Sensu users about when and where they can contribute.

The Sensu Plugins Story at Sensu Summit 2017

DefenseStorm's Eric Heydrick covers how Sensu Plugins community project has evolved throughout the years, how plugins benefits Sensu users, and how community members can get involved with the project.

Collecting One Million Unique Metrics Per Day at Sensu Summit 2017

SendGrid's Sean Kilgore shares insights into a challenging situation the SendGrid operations team found themselves in, and how they leveraged Sensu's metrics collection and routing capability to collect ad-hoc telemetry data from their daemons.

Data Driven Monitoring Deployments at Sensu Summit 2017

In this talk, IBM's Paul Czarkowski shares their Sensu architecture, some of the "weird and wacky" custom handlers they've written, problems faced, and the Ansible that drives it all.

Scaling Monitoring & Metrics Collection at Sensu Summit 2017

This talk explores how the versatility of Sensu helped the ICF team overcome challenges that are unique to early growth in a large-scale infrastructure (one that's heavily invested in automation tooling workflows), and what's next.

Migrating to Sensu, as told by a Nagios Refugee at Sensu Summit 2017

This talk tells the story of an easy migration from a Nagios-based monitoring platform, as provides some insights into how ViaSat has facilitated multi-tenancy in Sensu via Ansible.

Scaling Sensu to the Moon & Back at Sensu Summit 2017

GoDaddy has Sensu monitoring over 35,000 clients (!), including physical servers, public and private cloud compute instances, and containers. In this talk Michael and Thomas will share lessons learned and what challenges are yet remaining.

From Open Source to Venture Capital: The Hard Way at Sensu Summit 2017

This is the story of a journey, a long and challenging journey in which a small, bootstrapped consulting firm has taken Sensu from humble beginnings as an open source software project, to an open core platform for a burgeoning commercial product (Sensu Enterprise).

Creating Aggregated Sensu Monitors at Sensu Summit 2017

Sometimes the whole is more important than any individual part. This talk will describe how Tubular uses Sensu and the Elastic stack to create aggregated monitors that alert based on a group of Sensu checks.

What is Service Discovery at Sensu Summit 2017

In this talk, T-Mobile's Chris Chandler covers how he quickly stood up a working proof of concept that used Sensu to register services in Consul via Consul's REST APIs, update the state of those services, dynamically drive subscriptions, and alert for any hosts that did not have services registered.

Golang Wrapper for the Sensu Client Socket at Sensu Summit 2017

One of the most useful features of sensu is the client socket, which allows you to pipe events into sensu on an ad-hoc basis. This talk will introduce you to sensu-wrapper, a golang tool which makes this process much easier, plus use cases and examples.

Globally Automated Cloud Monitoring at Sensu Summit 2017

Jeff will tell the story about how GE has scaled Sensu Enterprise using systems automation and configuration management tools to enable automated monitoring across the PaaS and SaaS products that make up the GE Predix Industrial Cloud platform.

Why Developers & Ops Love Sensu at Sensu Summit 2017

As one of the very early adopters of Sensu, Kyle Anderson and his team at Yelp have a unique perspective about Sensu's strengths at scale – both in terms of infrastructure and people.