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Testing and monitoring and broken things

There’s an old wives tale (referred to as the “Evolution of QA to GA: The Sensu Go Crucible”) that tells the story of how we redefined release engineering and quality assurance at Sensu. Failure after failure, we would gut through a far from perfect release strategy which involved hours of painstaking manual testing, in order to stamp a green checkmark of approval to ship our product. To optimize this process, we implemented a full automated test infrastructure for staging and end to end testing, which later became known as the QA Crucible 🔥. This automation pattern was (and still is) great, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a well known and loved product which could decipher JSON test results and instrument them in an event pipeline. I believe Sensu can encompass monitoring _and_ testing in a CI/CD pipeline, and I’d like to show everyone how.